I'm Gavin, co-founder of Texas-based design studio, Drift.


Co-founded Drift in 2009 and ever since we've been making businessness look awesome. We craft web experiences, design memorable brands and try to have as much fun as possible while doing it. I also teach a graphic design class at Texas A&M University and love it. Drift inspires my teaching and my class inspires Drift. It's a circle of life!


Who I Am

I enjoy life as much as possible. It's a gift to be on this earth and it's not one to be squandered. I'm married to a beautiful, half-korean, architect and fellow adventurer. She is everything. I also like these things: typography, adventuring, bouldering, nerdy board games, happiness, drawing monsters, living in College Station, yoga, traveling and doing what I love everyday.


Get at me

Shoot me an email at: gavin(at)